eggs & mayo

The only guide you will ever need to grow your Twitter account, your email list, and your sales.

“You use Twitter every day.

You should profit from Twitter every day.”

It’s Time To Start...

• Earning Money From Your Tweets
• Automating Your Entire Sales Process
• Growing Your Account To New Heights

There are regular people building their accounts, reaching massive audiences, and making tons of money in the process.

They've cracked the code.

I'm going to teach you how to follow in their footsteps:
delivering what people wanttweeting for engagementsselling an offer on autopilot

what's inside this course?

There are plenty of courses teaching you how to tweet and how to add a link to your bio.

Everyone is teaching the basics.

However, no one is teaching you how to set-up winning email sequences, heavy engagement threads, and long-term planning for your brand/business on Twitter.

I've been through nearly every twitter course available.

yes, many are great, but they don't cover the core goal of online sales - being able to step away.

Sitting back and watching the magic happen on its' own instead of constantly pitching and promoting on their feed.

this is what you'll find in eggs & mayo.

New to twitter?

The full course may not be for you. Eggs & Mayo was designed with current creators & sellers in mind.

Eggs & Mayo is not a beginner's guide to twitter.

This course is designed to take sales to the next level: Hands-off profits.

We will be skipping over the basics like profile creation, avi/header images, & understanding analytics.

You can learn how to improve & organize your tweets in twitter mayo or twitter eggs, but the complete guide may not be for you.

What are others saying?

Eggs & Mayo is something different and the methods are new and unknown to most people.

ed latimore

"The automation stuff, by itself, is gold - that is something that no one else is talking about."

life math money

"An interesting product that not only made me a better writer, but also improved my marketing automation."

war on weakness

"A "behind the scenes look" on every tactic and strategy you need to successfully grow and monetize your Twitter account."

Wiz of ecom

"This course is the secret sauce to earning on Gumroad. A way to beautifully automate all your efforts."

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I am so confident in the contents of this course that I am giving away the mayo for free.

Warning: You won't be able to resist after you get your first taste.

Get A Taste

Eggs & mayo is a comprehensive course that teaches you how to tweet, grow your email list effortlessly, and passively turn those subscribers into new sales.

You can buy the full version, but I recommend you try a little egg or mayo first.

The full version is better for people who are ready to start optimizing their Twitter sales today.

The mayo is free.

The eggs will cost you a little.

please, double-check your purchase


Writing Tweets To Get You New Followers & Engagements

The first one is on me.


Systemizing Tweets To Get You New Subscribers & Payments

Includes everything above.

eggs & mayo

Building A Successful Email Sequence & Sales Funnel

Includes everything above.

eggs & spicy mayo

Driving Traffic To Your Sales Funnel Via Quora, Facebook, & Pinterest.

Includes everything above. Plus, a 30-minute strategy call.

spoiled eggs & spicy mayo

Entire Email Automation Funnel Built From The Ground Up - Just Keep Tweeting

Includes everything above. Plus, a 60-minute strategy call.

What is twitter mayo?

You may not be selling on Twitter, and there's nothing wrong with that!

Twitter is a platform that takes time, effort, and the right connections to grow.

The tools in Twitter Mayo will teach you how to bring your tweets to an entirely new level.

Twitter Mayo contains strategies to increase your engagement rates and stand out from the flock of other tweets.

There are simple ways you can improve your tweets to gain new followers and get people to react, reply, & retweet.

Without the basics, you won't ever reach full potential.

The tips, tricks, and tactics can help you beat algorithm changes, avoid getting suspended and leave poorly crafted tweets in the past.


Writing Tweets To Get You New Followers & Engagements

The first one is on me.